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Studio Quality Canvases

Unless otherwise mentioned in the listing most canvases have a cradle depth of 1 3/4".

*Most wood canvases have a cradle depth of 1 1/2" and are hollow.
**Value paintings are economy canvases with a 1/2" cradle depth.

My Process

Each painting has multiple layers, a lot of paint and time go into each piece.

Background Layer

Every canvas is made of 100% cotton, stretched and primed or high quality wood panels. I generally start with a layer of a solid color, in this case pink, and start to build on top with multiple layers creating textures.

Spray Paint Layer

I originally started out just using Spray Paint but I love the depth that acrylic adds. After the initial layers, I start layering spray paint, then acrylics, then spray paint. Some paintings have as many as 30 layers.


Multiple Final Layers

The final result is an all original heart painting made with 100% pure love. My goal is offer original hand painted art at reasonable prices. Thanks for your interested in @ipainthearts

paintings for sale

Delivered to your living room.

Each of my paintings are made with love and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

All paintings have a 14-day money back guarantee*. If you don't love it, send it back.

  • * You will be responsible for the return shipping, so make sure you pick out something that you think you're going to love.

Handmade Custom Frames

Looking for the perfect frame? Contact me for more details.

Rustic metallic finished carved wood frames.

Choose a frame that matches the esthetic of the room you are planning on hanging your new painting. Gold, silver, pearl, which metallic is best for you?

Intense black frames to make light colors pop.

Send me a picture of your room and I can email you back some recommendations as well as mockups of what your new painting will look like.

Hand cut high-quality cherry wood frames.

Get that natural look that's perfect for your sunroom. Bring dark paintings to life or compliment lighter works with high quality handmade cherry painting frames.